Webroot.com/Secure Antivirus: The Antivirus of The New Era:

Just like the other antivirus companies, webroot.com/Secure is also a well-known brand in the field of antivirus software. It’s not easy nowadays to keep our files safe from virus attacks. But because of webroot it has become possible to say, ‘My files and data are safe’. Till today’s date, this sentence was only a misnomer but now it has become the truth due to webroot antivirus. webroot stands to be a perfect solution for your data-related problems. One must have a webroot installed on his/her computer device if he is a citizen of the United States. To install it, we are here with the installation steps given in the content below. Once you have bought the webroot antivirus then follow the steps given in this content.

Visit The Webroot Website and Creation of an Account

There are two ways to go for account creation:

The First Way Creation Webroot Account

  • Turn on your device as well as open any browser on it.
  • Now click on the taskbar, type the URL ‘Webroot.com’, and press enter.
  • Now the home page of the website will open.
  • Click on the My Account tab in the upper Taskbar of your screen
  • Then click on Create Account button beside the login button
  • Now enroll the product activation key, Email as well as repeat the email for confirmation, a strong password, a personal security code, Security question, and answer to it.
  • Then tap on the ‘Register Now’ option in the green font.
  • Here the registration process will end and your account will be created by webroot.com/Secure after verifying the email.

The Second Way The Second Way

  • Turn on your device and open any web browser on it.
  • Type the URL ‘Webroot.com/safe’ in the search box and click enter.
  • Then a webpage of the webroot will open which will show two empty boxes.
  • These boxes will be for 1. Email Address 2. Keycode and click on next
  • Now webroot will send a confirmation link on your email given.
  • Confirm it by simply clicking on it and your account will be created on webroot.

Activation Code and Its Working Process

Activation code is a code of record given to an individual webroot account holder to make sure of its viability and security of the user account. One can get the activation code directly on the email if he/she purchases it from an online webroot store. Or one can also buy it from the offline retail store. If you buy it offline then you get the activation code just behind the retail card or inside the retail card. You have to scratch it out using proper material and not down the activation code. This code is of utmost importance to download the webroot.com/safe software.

Note: Do not discard the retail card or the email till the webroot antivirus application installs successfully on your device.

Steps After Account Creation

There are steps to download and install the webroot application

Antivirus of The New Era

The Steps for Downloading The Webroot.com/Secure Application are Here

  • Actually, there are instructions for downloading and installing the application on the desired platform
  • But we have explained those in short and easy ways.
  • Open the web browser as well as serf for webroot.com
  • Now click on my account or if you are signed up previously then your dashboard will open automatically.
  • Or click on the login button and fill in your login details and click the login button.
  • Now click on the downloads section in the upper right corner.
  • Then your desired application will be automatically present there just select it and a download button will pop-up.
  • Just click on the download button. (You can select the operating system of your device)
  • Now the downloading of the webroot application will start.
  • Wait up till the download process completes automatically.
  • Make sure that you are connected to a good speed internet connection.

To Install The Downloaded Webroot Application

  • Open the downloaded location of your device and locate the downloaded file.
  • Now double click on it to install and give the install permission.
  • Then select the language of installation and click on the next button.
  • Now tick the agreement and enroll in the location of your device and click next.
  • The software will start installing and will finish automatically.
  • This is all about the installation process of webroot.com/safe.






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