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Describe Webroot.

In our ranking of the Top Antivirus Software of 2022, Anywhere Antivirus is tied for No. 5. A division of OpenText, which offers businesses enterprise information management tools, including security software, is Carbonite, which in turn is a division of Webroot. With a focus on consumers and small organisations, Webroot is renowned for its incredibly compact size, quick performance, and minimal impact on the systems on which it is installed.

Describe Webroot.

Frequently Used Antivirus Programs

Listed as the fifth-best antivirus programme of 2022 in the Webroot antivirus review (tie)
5th in the list of the least expensive antivirus software for 2022.

Ideal for:

basic antimalware and antiviral

webcam security

present WiFi VPN

Not Advisable for:

Antivirus detection with the highest accuracy

Dark Web surveillance

Used Antivirus Programs Secure Antivirus is a ransomware, phishing, and firewall-protected antivirus and antimalware solution that focuses on the cloud. Customers can choose between the basic antivirus package, Internet Security Plus with Antivirus, and Internet Security Complete with Antivirus when purchasing Webroot. The more advanced versions come with licences for additional PCs as well as protection for tablets and smartphones. For one device for a full year, the base antivirus programme costs $39.99. Priced at $59.99, Internet Security Plus with Antivirus comes with licences for three PCs. For five PCs, Internet Security Complete with Antivirus costs $79.99 annually. However, there are situations when these costs are reduced.

Professional evaluations of Webroot compliment its quick functioning and minimal impact on devices. They point out that the design, which allows questionable software to run in a bubble so it can be examined rather than relying on matching it with a list of antivirus signatures, is responsible for the speed. This method is more likely to discover malware that was previously undiscovered. However, reviews fault Webroot for having trouble passing common antivirus detection tests and for having a disproportionately high number of false positives, or instances in which it incorrectly classifies software as malicious when it isn’t.

What Antivirus Software is Available from Webroot?

In addition to offering a business version aimed at protecting small and medium-sized businesses and managed service providers, Webroot provides three tiers of security based on its antivirus software. The same antivirus software is used by all three of the personal antivirus products, although more sophisticated packages also include extra features. The cost of Webroot for business varies depending on the application and is a part of the bigger OpenText managed detection and response cloud-based protection.

Only the antivirus programme is included in Webroot’s basic edition ($39.99 a year for one device), and it has the following features:

  • Threat defence for Macintosh and PC computers
  • scans that use memory
  • Identity protection, including defence against ransomware modifications
  • repair for files damaged by ransomware
  • blocking phishing and other harmful websites with browser security
  • firewall defence
  • monitor for network connections

All of the functions of the antivirus listed above are included in Webroot’s Internet Security Plus with Antivirus ($59.99 per year for one device), in addition to the following features:

  • Security for tablets and smartphones (including iOS and Android devices)
  • Login and password protection
  • Chromebook safety
  • support for three devices maximum.

Internet security from The list of functions and the variety of supported devices are both increased by Complete with Antivirus ($79.99 a year for one device). The added features include some of the following:

by deleting superfluous files and restoring storage space, it cleans the device and improves performance.
removes temporary files, cookies, and browsing history to remove traces of online activity
up to five devices are supported.

Webroot Antivirus

Similar to Webroot Antivirus, Webroot for Gamers ($39.99 for one device) is targeted at gamers and emphasises speed and low overhead. The system optimization from Webroot Complete is also included, in addition to the functions of the basic antivirus. It can only be set up on one machine at a time.
Limited edition Webroot for Chromebooks can be purchased for $14.99 annually; the standard price is $24.99. Offering the following security features is Webroot for Chromebooks:

  • protection from malware and spyware with antivirus software
  • prevents access to dangerous websites
  • defends against harmful downloads, phishing attacks, bogus programmes, and poor browser extensions
  • defends against websites that try to steal sensitive data

Any level of Webroot Antivirus can install the virtual private network (VPN) for Wi-Fi connections known as Webroot WiFi Security. It can be included as a standalone VPN as well. In addition to offering VPN services, WiFi Security filters webpages on Windows, MacOS, and Android devices to block phishing and dubious ones.

The antivirus and antimalware programme for businesses is called Webroot Endpoint Protection. A cloud-based management console, contextual threat intelligence, and what Webroot refers to as its Evasion Shield, which includes a thorough ability to detect and prevent script-based attacks while still allowing desired scripts to be white-listed, are among the features that go beyond the typical scope of consumer protection that are included in it. The Webroot MDR from Blackpoint and the OpenText MDR are two sources of managed detection and response that are included in Webroot. These offer both the Blackpoint service with its own security operations centre (SOC) and cutting-edge malware and threat protection, as well as a threat detection capabilities powered by AI.

What is the Price of Webroot Antivirus Software?

Three tiers of protection are provided for the Webroot Antivirus Software. They are the fundamental antivirus, which costs $29.99 for the first year right now. The yearly fee is $39.99. Currently available for $44.99 annually for three devices, Internet Security Plus with Antivirus normally costs $59.99. For five devices for a year, Internet Security Complete is now available for $59.99; the normal price per year is $79.99.

Against the Competition: Webroot

Webrrot Vs Competition

MacAfee vs. Webroot

Excellent antivirus programmes, Webroot and McAfee both offer good value for the money paid. Independent testers, on the other hand, complained that Webroot’s software produced false positive results, labelling legitimate applications as malware. Even though they are uncommon, such results may result in issues if necessary software is removed or if the user loses faith in the outcomes. These third-party tests may not be reliable since Webroot’s performance-based identification differs from McAfee’s method of detecting virus and malware activities in the real world in a significant way. The final line is that both solutions are good at spotting viruses, malware, and phishing activity, but McAfee provides a wider range of features that, depending on your needs, may not be important to you.

If you had to pick one, McAfee would probably be your best option because of how popular it is. However, Webroot’s quick response time and soft touch may be the difference-maker for some applications.

Simller software

Webroot Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Webroot Antivirus Programme Secure?

Numerous powerful antivirus and malware defences are included in each and every Webroot antivirus bundle. The most notable cybersecurity feature missing from Webroot antivirus software is a VPN, which is present in many other antivirus software companies’ products. Webroot offers a variety of cybersecurity solutions that can be utilised independently or in conjunction with its antivirus software, as opposed to a single all-inclusive solution.

How Long is the Webroot Antivirus Programme Effective?

More than 100 times a day, according to Webroot, its malware definitions are updated. According to Webroot, more comprehensive software upgrades are released multiple times a year, generally every month. Updates to both virus definitions and software are carried out automatically and without the user’s knowledge.

How Can I Turn off the Webroot Antivirus Programme?

The “passive mode” feature of Webroot lets users temporarily turn off antivirus defence, but it is not recommended. However, this “passive mode” enables you to run an additional antivirus product in addition to Webroot’s for added security.

How Can I Remove the Webroot Antivirus Programme?

The same programme used to install Webroot’s products is advised to be used to uninstall any antivirus or cybersecurity software that you need to. This is called Webroot Setup Wizard. As an alternative, Webroot provides unique Uninstall Utilities that are available on the Webroot website.






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