How Do I Find Keycode of Webroot Secure Anywhere Antivirus?

Actually, a keycode or a license keycode is a 20 digit code. That is used to activate and install the software of webroot antivirus into the device. The keycode is purchased by online method or into a retail store, it’s your choice. The keycode is available on the package box that you have got. You can find the keycode behind that box, you just have to scratch the keycode. It is used only once, after that it is of no use.

If you want it for free follow the following steps;

  • Firstly download the setup of
  • Then go into downloads of my computers.
  • Then see the downloaded setup and take it on the desktop.
  • On the desktop, you will see the setup of the webroot, right-click on it, and from the option select Extract here option.
  • Then you will see a new webroot folder on the desktop.
  • Double click on it and open it.
  • In that, you will see two options from that double click on the first option and open it.
  • Then you will see a 20 digit code, copy it to paste it further.
  • Here the keycode is available.

Link to download setup:-

  • Now to download the setup first open the browser of your device.
  • Then in the search tab search for
  • A new page will appear. On that page, you will see Download Now link.
  • When you will click on it the downloading will automatically begin.
  • To check the download update of software go into downloads of the browser and check the process till where it has completed.
  • When it is completed you are done with the download process.

Installation of webroot software:-

  • Now open the download folder. You will see the downloaded webroot setup.
  • Copy the setup to the desktop.
  • Now right-click on it and you will see the options list.
  • From those options click on the Extract here option.
  • Then a new folder will of webroot appear.
  • Now double click on the folder.
  • Then inside the bolder, you will see two options, from that select the second and double click on it.
  • The option selected is of webroot setup is as an install option.
  • When you click and open it you will see the webroot installation page.
  • On that page, it will ask to enter the keycode.
  • Before that, we have copied the keycode in the keycode step.
  • Paste the keycode into the box.
  • Then you will see Agree and Install option popped up below the keycode box.
  • Click on that option.
  • Further, you will see the downloading process of applying updates. Wait for it to complete, it will take some time to update.
  • Then the updates will save automatically.
  • Again the webroot scanning page will appear. It is scanning your files and folders one by one.
  • Wait for it to complete the scanning process.
  • The installation is completed successfully.
  • Whenever you want to Scan the computer simply open the webroot antivirus and Click on Scan my computer, the scanning will begin automatically.
  • In the settings of like My account, you can see your keycode too.
  • Whenever your license is expired or free trial, you have to enter the new keycode that you have purchased.






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